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Apr 22, 2020

RICH CELENZA sits down with an old friend named Patrick Lambke (The Black Knight) who is known as a World Renowned Full-contact Heavy Armor Champion of the Tournament Joust. His goal is to one day make Jousting an Olympic Sport. Patrick has been featured on the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC and the HISTORY CHANNELl! He is also been featured in the book "The Medieval Knights of North America".

RICH and Patrick first talk about how he was originally a trained military photographer. But he ended up changing professions to be a Night at the Medieval Times in Schaumburg, Illinois. Patrick also had an opportunity to go into the film industry at that time but opted out to go train on how to be a professional Knight. After 6 months of training on how to ride a horse, sword fighting and jousting and then working at Mid Evil times for many years, he left to go tour around the world and teach / train others how to train to become a Knight. After that Patrick went to LA to work in Hollywood and worked on films like "Conan The Barbarian" and " Sleepy Hollow" and "Cable Guy".

Patrick also went on teach MMA athletes how to joust. Patrick also gets into how competitive jousting is. Also how he attends tournaments that are full impact and how when competing it is 100 percent real. The impact is a 5000 pounds per square inch which is equivalent to a head on collision with a vehicle. To reach Patrick email: can also check out Patrick's book The Medieval Knights of North America: