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Sep 30, 2019

RICH CELENZA wants people to become self-aware regarding if they truly have the self confidence to live the life they always desired. People need to realize that the only way they are going to master self confidence is by changing their mind set.

Rich teaches in his Mastering Self Confidence...

Sep 28, 2019

RICH CELENZA talks about how people need to learn how to be comfortable in their own skin. Too many people try too hard to act like something they are not. People also need to learn how to be comfortable in all different situations and not freak out regardless what is going on.

In this podcast Rich explains that the...

Sep 27, 2019

RICH CELENZA talks about how people need to have the confidence to believe in themselves again!!! People need to stop feeling like their opinions and beliefs don't mean anything.

People need to stop feeling afraid of what they say or do. People need to feel good about themselves and not let others make them feel...

Sep 26, 2019

RICH CELENZA talks about how he grew being obsessed with winning and despising losing. Rich became so obsessed with winning he even named his production company SoreLosers Productions and started a clothing line named Sore Wear.

Rich also talks about as time went on in his life he started to fail at things and started...

Sep 25, 2019

RICH CELENZA talks how why he thinks most people don't get the results they want when it comes to working out. That goes for all different type of workouts and exercises. The one component people are missing is that don't study their body or lifestyle while working out.

A lot of people need to realize that if they plan...