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Apr 21, 2020

RICH CELENZA sits down with Chris Prado, a Wellprenuer who has dedicated his life to help people lead healthy and pain-free lives through nutrition, bodywork, fitness and self care modalities through Block Therapy. Chris explains what he has gone through dealing with his own health issues and set backs and what he did that lead him to being pain free and healthy. He explains how Block Therapy and working on fascial restrictions in the body can aid in things like weight loss, chronic pain, cellulite and so much more.

Rich and Chris talk about the good old days. How they worked together and how Chris never looked at life the same way again after the loss of a loved one. Chris talks about how getting fit and losing weight is a "mind set" and a "manifestation". Chris originally struggled as a child with an eating disorder as a child and reached 265 pounds. Throughout Chris's life he has had weight fluctuations with losses of around 80 pounds.

Chris and Rich then talk about how he became a certified Block Therapy instructor. Block Therapy is a self-care version of Fluid Isometrics that helps relieve restrictions in the fascia of the body. The individual lies on a therapeutic tool called the Block Buddy for a minimum of three minutes in various positions throughout the body along with proper breath work is able bring synergy to the body. Chris not only talks about how incredible Block Therapy is but also how important the fascia in your body is. Chris Prado has a strong background in wellness and fitness. He has practiced bodywork and wellness training for over a decade now. However, He was not always healthy and for many years struggled with obesity, addictions, life-altering injuries and chronic pain. Chris also talks about his struggle with injuries and how he fought through recovering from a myotonic muscle disorder.

Chris discusses how in order for people to get healthy and start feel better, people need to learn how to love themselves. People must also pay close attention to what they are eating and make sure they get enough sleep. Chris shares how he packed up his entire life into to duffle bags and decided to move to Central America to build his own surf lodge in Nicaragua.