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Jun 6, 2022

We welcome Tristan Stahl to talk about his unique platform ValorMen - awaken the Hero Within. Tristan Talks about how ValorMen teaches men how to align with their authentic selves in their career paths and relationships to drive their impact, success, fulfillment, and joy in life. To know more about Tristan or ValorMen click here:

Jason Demchok also returns to talk about his program, Culinary Wisdom Skills - become a master chef in 4 weeks. Jason started cooking with his father when he was seven. He later lived in 15 countries, learning to cook traditional food from the local people, mostly the grandmothers. Along the way he studied holistic health and herbalism with Ayurveda doctors, shamans, dieticians and medical doctors. Now, he has combined his 30+ years of culinary mastery with the most established nutritional science to teach others how to feel joy and creativity in their kitchen, while maintaining optimal health. Instead of teaching mere recipes, he carefully guides others to master traditional culinary wisdom and skills. To book a call with Jason click below: