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Feb 6, 2022

RICH CELENZA sits down with JASON DEMCHOK who is known as being in his own words a "Professional Health Nut"! He specializes in being a Whole Food Chef along with being a Holistic Lifestyle Educator. This is the second episode Jason has been featured on Rich's show. If interested in knowing more about Jason you can go to - THE RICH CELENZA SHOW #900 - Who Is Jason Demchok The Professional Health Nut? Jason’s passion is helping people be disease and stress free so they can enjoy all the beautiful, delicious and incredible experiences life has to offer. He works with a wide range of Doctors and human optimization experts to help himself and others function, look and feel their best. Instead of focusing on the branches and leaves, Jason looks to root causes of disease and wellbeing. The secret to his success comes from the wisdom of a man who lived 2,500 years ago known as The Buddha, who taught a way to unlock superhuman levels of Mind and mental functions.