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May 16, 2020

RICH CELENZA sits down with his cousin Michella Cifaldi who originally wanted to go into the world of fashion and become a model. But as time went time on she found her true calling, which was becoming a Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer and working on becoming Life Coach. Rich and Michelle get into how at the beginning of her Modeling career when she was much younger.

Michella talks about graduating from John Roberts Powers and eventually visited NY with the hope of pursuing a modeling career. But as Michella matured she started to build confidence and take more of an interest in her faith, health and fitness. They both get into Michella grew up surrounded by a lot of sisters and how sometimes things became very competitive.

Two of Michella’s sisters even went on and became collegiate athletes. Rich and Michella talk about how important having confidence is when it comes to modeling or wanting to accomplish anything in their life. Rich talks about his daughter Demi, who was a Model in her youth and how Rich created a book on Modeling named The Model Bible. (

Michella descibes how she heard about a massage therapy program and deiced to do that and become a message therapist. After she got her massage license she then decided to become a became a fitness trainer and went on to also get her fitness certificate. Currently Michelle runs her own brand “IMI" which includes running her own boot camps and catering too specific clients which also includes professional athletes. She is also working on creating her own clothing line. In the future she is going to open a space that is going to be focus, meditation and massage therapy.