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Feb 8, 2022

RICH CELENZA sits down with ADRIAN LEA to talk about how Adrian started off as an overweight young man who eventually became an expert within the health and wellness industry. Adrian discusses how he quit being a construction worker to go after his dream of being a fitness entrepreneur who runs his own company named LEAWAY FITNESS. Adrian's company specializes in marketing Fitness along with helping other businesses market their companies through LinkedIn. Adrian also talks about all the ups and downs he has gone through throughout his life including losing his father at a very young age. To know about how Adrian can help you look below: It's time to ditch the resume and turn your LinkedIn profile into a cash-producing growth machine. Get FREE access to my step-by-step Profitable Profile System Checklist in the FEATURED SECTION.

Here's a bit about me and how I can help you:

►I went from working in the construction industry to building 3 online businesses in less than 4 years.

►My first love was fitness. I built this into my first online business, LeaWay fitness in 2016. From there, I learned how to build authority, credibility and a profitable system which lead me to starting my second business Growth Link, focusing on helping entrepreneurs & business owners around the world build six-figure plus online businesses and brands. I then saw a gap in the market for entrepreneurs who are time-poor, which steered me into the direction of Virtual Assistant (VA) Outsourcing. We explored the concept in 2020 and founded Growth Outsourced in early 2021 with my business partner Kristian Livolsi.

►I'd love to help YOU go from a 6 out of 10 with your health, happiness, income, and impact... to a 10 out of 10.

►As a master coach, I've accumulated 10,000+ personal coaching hours with clients.

►I've worked with top business leaders across the world.

►Talking LinkedIn, I'm regarded as a top global fitness leader and I help start-ups, entrepreneurs & business owners around the world build seven-figure online businesses and brands.



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