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Jan 17, 2019

RICH CELENZA - Talks about how he has only gotten sick a couple times over the last 30 years. Rich has all these things he does PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY that he believes has built and indestructible immune system. Rich also has programmed his brain how to heal himself if he gets injured.

Rich talks about people have programmed themselves that when they feel a certain way they start convincing their brains and body that they are going to get sick. Or even worse if they are around someone who’s sick they they are going to get sick. Rich flips it and thinks if he does start feel like he may get sick he immediately jumps in to gear and starts eating drinking healthier foods and starts working out a certain way makes him feel healthier. Rich programmed his body to have no choice but to accept that there is no road to sickness and the only road his body accepts is getting healthier. He also believed when around sick people that instead of him thinking he’s going too get sick as well, he in turns thinks he is going to help that person get healthy again.