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Jul 1, 2020

RICH CELENZA and Dr. PAT BOULOGNE talk about discovering your health's weakest/strongest health links that might be lurking below the surface in today's talk entitled..." WHY... You Are Sick, Fat and Tired?". Which is her recent best-seller!

You know if you are FAT. You know if you are TIRED. But you do not always know IF you are SICK... or WHY. Together we make sense of the mystery of how-to and the importance of taking care of your health NOW and not waiting for a crisis and how you can up your game from nutrition, fitness, sleep,, mindset, biomechanical structure and more.

Dr. Pat breakdown of why you get sick in the first place, how the book was designed to know your next steps, where you should be focusing 'today' to thrive. Here book guides you on in your health journey from finding your weakest health link (it is not what you think), to piecing the pieces of the puzzle together in a very common-sense approach anyone can do. She is inspiring, hopeful and walks the talk. Dr. Pat gets results for her clients to get back on track from issues regarding Weight Loss, Chronic issues like- Diabetes, Heart Disease, Gut Issues, Allergies, Fitness, Wellness, and much much more.

You got to have a plan, you have to have resources to get information that you can make educated decisions from. In sharing this message Dr. Pat and I shared tips, passions, and personals experiences about how living the right healthy lifestyle choices have impacted many aspects of their life resulting in more energy, strength, better sleeping, improved relationships, and incredibly focused. Listen in...

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