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Jun 19, 2020

Rich Celenza sits down with Betty A Monroe; an actress, Mom, and former teacher. She has appeared in numerous commercials, print ads, and independent films, and has lent her voice to well over fifty VO projects. Betty is best known for her role as Liana Woods Novoa on season 4 of the Nickelodeon series Every Witch Way, which is currently streaming on Hulu. What you may not know is that Betty was a teacher and early childhood professional for over 20 years prior to committing to the entertainment industry full time!

Betty and Rich talk about how she originally grew up in the Los Angeles area and was the grandchild of cinematographer and cameraman Sam Rosen. (Columbia Pictures and Paramount Studios) She grew up watching him work on the sets of Happy Days, and Laverne and Shirley, and her favorite things to do were sit on his lap as he worked the camera on the dolly, bring her brownie scout troop to see live tapings, and getting to go to the Christmas Parties on the Paramount lot!

Betty shared a funny story of how she was often mixed up with the actress Betty Monroe a few years back. The silliest part is that the two look nothing alike (aside from the hair! ) and couldn’t be more different!

Betty spoke about growing up In the suburbs of Los Angeles and in the Malibu Canyon area, and how much she loved spending time with her grandparents in their classic Hollywood home.

Betty also spoke about how for many years she allowed fear to take over her desire to pursue the entertainment industry. After many years of working in education, being a mother, and going through a divorce she finally decided to give it a try. With the encouragement Of some very talented friends, she put together a resume, reached out to an agency, got signed, started auditioning and she finds herself where she is now. A working artist in an industry she loves.

Betty shared that she has been blessed to make a living in three different areas that she was and still is very passionate about...those being teaching young children, working with horses, and the performing arts. Building trust among the people she surrounds herself with, and living truthfully are very important to her.

Rich and Betty wrapped things up By speaking of what they have both experienced in the industry over the years in different markets such as Atlanta Georgia and how the state has now become the Hollywood of the south. She also shared that she has a desire to write a film about the education system. They also spoke of how so many people don’t seem to realize all the struggles that most actors and filmmakers go through when working in the industry and that it isn’t as easy as it seems nor is it as glamorous. Follow Betty on Instagram bettyamonroe