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Jun 12, 2020

RICH CELENZA sits down with an old buddy Joseph Luca Curalli Jr. (Joe Yankee) to tell him it's time for him to start hosting his very own Sports Podcast Show!! Joe Yankee has an abundance of knowledge when it comes to Baseball and Football amongst other sports. Joe Yankee is also a great athlete in his own right. Joe Yankee was a standout Football player in his youth and is still an incredible bowler (bowled 27 perfect games) and is an avid golfer.

Rich right off the bat starts busting Joe's balls regarding Joe Yankee being an obsessed New York Yankee fan and how Joe got the nickname Joe Yankee. Joe Yankee is a labor electrician at the University of Chicago but he also involved with two different CBD companies. Those being Synergy Bio-Natural and Plant Med CBD. He is also involved with a project named Blue Studios.

The two bring up how Joe was in two of Rich's films which were "Sore Losers" and "Insanity". What's interesting about Joe Yankee is that he was born and raised in Chicago, but not necessarily a fan of any of the Chicago based teams. But what's funny about Joe Yankee is that he knows everything about Chicago sports teams (Especially baseball and football) which includes their strengths and weaknesses. Joe Yankee talks about his obsession with sports started as a young boy and while spending time with his father. Joe Yankee grew up in a loving family and his father not only loved watching sports with him, but helped Joe Yankee excel in sports. Rich and Joe Yankee discuss how competitive sports has become for kids of all ages regardless what sport(s) they play.

Joe Yankee describes how he loves sports so much and the common bond he has with everyone in his life also loves sports and is a fanatic. But what Joe Yankee loves doing is arguing with all his family members, friends, and colleagues regarding their favorite Chicago teams. Joe Yankee believes every team (college or pro) needs to be held accountable regardless who they are. What Joes Yankee loves is the bantering he has with friends either personally have or online when it comes to sports.

Rich talks about how he thinks Chicago fans are nuts because when it comes to baseball you are either a Cubs fan or a Sox Fans. This spits the town in half in where everyone battles with whoever isn't on their side. But then when football, basketball or hockey comes around then all the bickering and fighting ends because everyone in Chicago for the most part loves The Bears, Bulls or Hawks. Joe Yankee believes all sport teams are all business but he doesn't believe that just because you were born somewhere you have to have blind loyalty to those teams. Joe believes certain teams like the Chicago Bears play it cheap because they know they already have the fan base regardless if they win or lose.

What really bothers Joe is how passionate people are regarding a lot of professional sports and the team owners and the front office could care less because all the owners care about is making that money. Joe wraps up talking about he is thinking about seriously starting his own podcast. He also talks about how he is also a cigar aficionado and how Rich caught himself getting addicted to cigars in his past.