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May 22, 2020

RICH CELENZA sits down to talk with Alexandra (Ali) Babowice who is an extremely talented Author, Entrepreneur, and Architect. Alexandra wrote a book titled Consumption: The Human Condition (A Visual Narrative) and also did a TEDx Talk named Hello Subconscious. Both about the journey Alexandra took after her Mother Passed away which lead her to discover who she was and what she was truly meant to be.

The two first off talk about how Rich grew up with Alexandra's Italian Nonna Jova and how much Rich loved spending time with her. Rich also shows a photo of Alexandra's Mom Barbara Jean at a Chicago Bears Football Game. This photo is now a permanent mural at Soldier Field Stadium in Chicago. Alexandra gets into describing how after her Mother passed at the age of 16, she had to go live with her father and how her life was never the same again. Alexandra found that her brain felt like it had split in two and she took on an alter ego. One side of her became very logical and the other began suppressing her emotions. Alexandra believed that she and her father were placed together in order for her father to help train her for the next phase of her life. Alexandra then found herself having feelings for someone and she went through a period of many different emotions, which she had never experienced before. Alexandra believes everything she has gone through in her life has led her to exactly where she belongs.

The two talk about how they were both raised in a divorced household and they were raised as an only child. But what they also had in common is even though they were only children, they both grew up in a large Italian family environment. Alexandra talks about how she had to redefine herself to become a better version of herself. Alexandra talks about how she realized when her mother passed she felt a huge loss, but she understood it was not just her loss, but a loss for everyone else that cherished and loved her Mom. Alexandra explains how much she learned from other family members and friends while growing up. She learned how to move forward no matter what obstacles came her way.

The two discuss how Alexandra decided to write a book called Consumption: The Human Condition (A Visual Narrative). She originally decided to write her own book around the age of 25, but what a lot of people may not know was she wrote it while in a state of deep emotional depression. She talks about how she became very discouraged while writing it. But after writing it she felt a release and it changed the way she looked at herself. The book is set up in a diary-style format and is an extension of who she really is. Not only with words but with her artwork as well. Alexandra talks about how she got chosen to do a TEDx Talk in Miami.

After she completed her book she didn't know what to do. Her father mentioned that she should write a speech one day. So she decided to write a deviation of the book so she could expand on it. She ended up going to a convention and became informed about the TED X program for locals. After researching she found out the University she attended was hosting a TEDx talk. Alexandra submitted and went to interview twice, and they really liked it. What was remarkable is that they liked her speech so much, she was given the opportunity to be the closing speech at the event. Alexandra is currently working on a second titled Catalyst. She is also working on a visual narrative part 2 which is a video project.