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Jan 14, 2022

RICH CELENZA sits down to talk with Geoffrey Palmer who is the CEO and Founder of Haute Science Inc., dba Clean Machine, Plant-Based Fitness Nutrition - an all-natural sports nutrition company. What's interesting is Rich doesn't believe in supplements but is willing to discuss why Geoff's supplements ARE MUCH different than every other supplement sold throughout the world. 
Geoff has over 30 years of experience in the natural foods and supplements industry. Clean Machine® was created from the belief that people want products to help them be both healthy and physically fit, not just one or the other. That's why all of Geoff's products are:
1. Based on science and work with our body to promote health and fitness.
2. Natural, Vegan, Non-GMO, and Gluten-Free.
One day, after working for over 25 years in the Natural Foods & Nutritional Supplements Industry, Geoff was standing inside one of the supplements stores he managed. One side of the store had sports nutrition products loaded with artificial ingredients and dangerous stimulants, the other side had supplements that improved health but not fitness. He decided he wanted both. That's when Geoff decided to create Clean Machine®.
Geoff and Rich talk about how Geoff dedicated his entire career to finding the best ingredients for our bodies to promote both health and fitness. This led him to patent a supplement that mirrored the amino acid ratio of human muscle tissue. Then created the first Heat Shock Protein sports nutrition product. And with the creation of Clean Machine® all of our products have been recognized for awards every year since 2013, culminating in winning the NEXTY Award for Best New Supplement in 2018 for Clean Green Protein™.  The two also discuss different workouts the two have throughout their lives. 
To reach Geoffrey Palmer you can go to or email him at