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Dec 29, 2021

RICH CELENZA sits down to talk with the one and only Le Shonda Belton who is known as, The Coupon Queen-Pin. The Coupon Queen-Pin is the host of her very own show named CQP Moments. The two sit down to talk about how they are both going to be hosting a new Podcast together starting after New Year. The show is going to revolve around many things which include how to save money and live an incredible life affordably. They will also give relationship advice for both men and women. That includes those looking for love, or if dealing with a bad break-up or divorce. They will also touch upon subjects as in fashion, style, wardrobe, health and wellness, and hygiene.

This is also a no-nonsense show that is unscripted and will include interviewing guests (audio/video) of people from all walks of life. Which includes people in the entertainment industry along with others who live extraordinary lives. Rich and The Coupon Queen-Pin and their guests will keep it real by adding a dose of entertaining stories from their past and present. Nothing will be staged and all discussions are 100% real and uncensored.

Le Shonda Belton - Coupon Queen Bio

The Coupon Queen-Pin Le Shonda Belton, like most other modern couponers, fell in love with couponing after seeing "Extreme Couponing." After her first transaction, she realized she had a lot to learn about couponing and life. Others would want to know too. So she started the C.Q.P Moments Podcast. Where she talks about Deals, Life, Love, and Experiences. Here are some of the Coupon Queen-Pin social media links.
Instagram: couponqueenpin001
Twitter: Couponqueenpin