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Dec 23, 2018

RICH CELENZA - Talks about how he teaches in his “MASTERING SELF CONFIDENCE  - The Blueprint to Finding The Woman of Your Dreams…Even if You’ve Been Through a Bad Breakup or Divorce” how to deal with cheaters when in a relationship. 

Rich believes that no matter who you are you most likely have cheated on someone or have been cheated on. If you haven’t cheated you may have been with someone who you knew was in a relationship and knew that they were cheating on that certain someone with you. Or you might not have thought you were ever cheated on but the truth is must likely you were, you just never caught them. 

The bottom line is when people cheat they want to be forgiven, but when they are the ones that got cheated on they want to condemn whoever they are with! Cheating is a part of life and most people are going to deal it in one way or another. How you behave while going through it, can make you stronger or can destroy you. It’s your behavior and mindset is what is going to make the difference.