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Jul 18, 2020

RICH CELENZA sits down with one of the most talented men he’s ever worked with. His name is Mark Schmudde and he has been in the entertainment, film, and television industry for almost 25 years. Not only is he an incredible Makeup Artist he is also a talented Body Painter and Photographer.

Rich sits down with Mark and talks about how Mark started his endeavor and becoming a Makeup and Special Effect Artist. They talk about how Rich used Mark's makeup skills in his second film Insanity. They get into all the film and television projects Mark has worked on over the last couple of decades. They also talk about how Mark went on to become a well known Body Painter, Illustrator, Scenic Painter, and Photographer.

Here are some projects Mark previously worked on: To Kill a Killer: Worked as Key Makeup and Special Effects, Prop Department, Set Dressing, Art Department and was an extra in the film. National Safety Council: He did makeup and injury simulations for several new First Aid Training Videos. Viewers will be instructed as to how to treat numerous situations that he replicated in the videos. All injury makeups were Doctor approved on set. Boeing Corporation: Mark is their exclusive Makeup Artist for any and all events. Universal Studios Florida/Orlando Volunteer Fire Department: Realistic disaster simulation for a training exercise in which second and third-degree burns were applied. Burn victim was featured on Orlando’s Channel 2 News.

Mark's work can be viewed at: