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Jul 9, 2020

RICH CELENZA sits down with the legendary color specialist Jill Kirsh who is known as the best color expert in the entire world. She’s been featured several times in InStyle, Inc., RedBook, E!News, Life & Style Weekly, and the Los Angeles Times and on every major network and numerous local news affiliates including HGTV, Hallmark and NBC.

Jill was named Best Color Consultant in the Best of LA issue of Los Angeles magazine and is frequently called upon by celebrities and titans of business for color coaching. In addition, she is currently featured in the award-winning documentary Gray Is the New Blonde.

Rich and Jill sit down and talk about how Jill over the last 20 years has become THE EXPERT GO-TO when it comes to finding all your best shades of every color for fashion & beauty. Jill even pulls out her swatch book to show you examples of exactly what she does when working with her clients. What’s interesting about Jill is that she actually first started off as an actress and has brought her innovative and unique color system into that industry. And since absolutely everyone is on camera these days via Zoom & all forms of social media, knowing your best shades of colors has become even more essential in getting your message across.

The two get into how important colors are regarding how people look and how colors affect the way people feel and act. It’s also not just about the color clothes people wear, but also all the colors that are inside their house or apartment.

Jill developed her keen eye for color growing up in New York, where both her parents were involved in the fashion industry. With a move to Los Angeles, people in the entertainment industry began clamoring for her color expertise, so she began consulting and creating a line of color products geared specifically toward the four-color categories she identified. Her talent as a color consultant and her products have been in demand ever since.

She currently runs her business, Jill Kirsh Color, with a vibrant and well-trafficked website (, from which she sells her celebrated swatch books, makeup, and one-of-a-kind silk scarves. She has also contributed her services to The Fulfillment Fund, Beauty Bus, The Girl Scouts, and Dress 4 Success. WEBSITE: