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Apr 20, 2020

RICH CELENZA sets up an interview (first one ever publicly) with an old dear friend and mentor of his, Mordecai Williams Jr., the founder and president of Strong Arm Sports. ( Strong Arm Sports is an international clothing line that started back in 1999 and has been featured in Sports Illustrated and ESPN. It has also been worn by some of the talented and famous athletes in the entire world.


Rich Celenza starts off talking about how Mordecai is someone who is very private and not someone who is interested in the limelight, and who likes to be behind the scenes. Mordecai is someone who wants his brand to speak for itself. He wanted to create a sporting clothing line for people from all different sports played all over the world.

Mordecai starts to explain how in 2017 he really started taking things to another level on social media. He also started taking Strong Arm Sports to do major shows that had all different types of people from all over the world from 45-60 different countries. People fell in love with the clothing line. The next thing you know, people from all over the world started wearing and representing the brand on social media.

The also discuss how Mordecai came up with the name and logo. The brand represents strength because "every sport is a "strength sport". Mordecai wanted to create a brand that represented something different than every other sports brand out there. They also discuss that it’s not just about having professional athletes or celebrities wear your brand, it’s about finding a weekend warrior / everyday athletes that loves to workout and genuinely loves to work out in your clothing line.

Mordecai wants everyone to know he wants the athletes and people that wear his brand to always look and feel their best. Strong Arm Sports is there to represent them and they are there to also represent Strong Arm Sports. The people that wear Strong Arm Sports are more than just a customer, they are part of the Strong Arm Sports family. Whether you’re a pro, college, high school athlete or just someone who likes to workout or play sports in general. They finished by talking about how Mordecai still loves working out and living a healthy lifestyle.